Whether you want to do your own book-keeping and just need advice on how best to record your information or you want someone to do the work for you we can help.  As the requirements from HMRC become stricter we can advise you how best to record your information to keep within their guidelines.

Year-End Accounts

Whether you are sole trader, a partnership or a limited Company we can prepare your year end accounts within the statutory guidelines, but also showing you in easily understandable formats how profitable your Company is and where savings can be made.

Management Accounts

As your Company grows cash flow and credit control become far more important.  This is why many people now opt for monthly or quarterly management accounts so you can stay on top of costs and cash flow.  Although there is an extra charge for this service most people find this is more than offset by the benefits gained from staying in control of their business.

Charities and Non-Profit Organisations

If you run a charity no matter its size you are required to produce annual information for the Charities Commission.  We can help you with this and advise the best way forward for your charity in the future.


Tax Compliance

VAT Returns

The decision to register for VAT should not be taken lightly.  We will advise you whether you have exceeded the VAT thresholds and must register for VAT when we produce your accounts.  If you want to register before this time we can advise you on the best way to do this and complete all the necessary paperwork.  We can calculate and submit your returns for you and deal with any HMRC queries leaving you free to manage you business.

Corporation Tax Returns

HMRC legislation can be difficult to understand and deductions and benefits are easily overlooked.  As taxation experts we will look closely at your Company and ensure you get all the tax savings you are entitled to.  We will closely review your accounts every year and recommend ways of keeping your tax liability to a minimum.

Personal Tax Returns

Completing a personal tax return can be very stressful.  Let us do it for you.  We will review your circumstances each year and complete the return for you ensuring you claim all the benefits you are entitle to.  We will also deal with any time consuming queries from HMRC.

CIS Returns

Monthly CIS returns can be both costly and time consuming.  We can complete these for you submitting them to HMRC on your behalf and producing statements for your subcontractors.




Whether you have 1 or 30 people on your payroll we can help.  We offer a tailored service providing payslips, HMRC returns and year end returns to meet your needs at a reasonable price.


Other Services

Registered Office

We can provide a registered office facility for your Company.

Fee Insurance

We have opt-in tax enquiry fee insurance available to cover professional fees in the event of you having a tax enquiry.

Referral Fees

If you like our services and recommend us to your friends we will give you a credit against your next bill.